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Next Gen High Technology Comms., Smart lighting Solutions, Control & Protection Relays, Iot Devices.


MAC ® GATEWAYS is an intelligent device with built-in RS485/LPRF port to acquire Data from cluster of meter /IoT sensors with built-in GSM/GPRS modem to transfer data to the remote data acquisition server.

GATEWAYS is used in automatic meter reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) architectures. GATEWAYS collects information and data from Energy Meters, saves into the local storage before forwarding data to the utility.

Same GATEWAYS is also used in IoT solutions, it works as bridge between IoT sensors and web/mobile applications. It control and collect data from IoT sensors . The built in Web Server feature increase flexibility and convenience, making it easy to configure and maintain the system via internet.


MAC Solutions develop few common Industrial IoT sensors ,these sensors with GATEWAYS and Mobile /Web application makes complete solutions for Industrial automation.

    We developed following Sensors

  • Electrical Sensor,

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Level Sensor

  • Optical Sensor

  • Air Quality Sensors