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MAC Solutions

What We Do

Next Gen High Technology Comms., Smart lighting Solutions, Control & Protection Relays, Iot Devices.

We Have More Then 15+ Year of Experience in embedded product engineering and development with International Standard IEC

At MAC Solutions, we ensure simpler and shorter design & development life cycles with using Renesas, TI, ST, NXP.. processors, by providing reliable products, services and technical know how to our customers. With flexibility and functionality as our focus, we remain adaptable to change, providing the best in class development for specific requirements. Our proven track record in successful project delivery is inspired by Lean and Agile approaches to development and incorporating them into our own unique way of operating.

In the energy metering field we support meter manufacturers participating in utility tenders for their single phase and three phase Smart/Prepaid /DLMS /LPRF energy meters.

Now we are ready with Smart Metering solution as per IS16444 (IS15959-Part2 with WAN communication ). We are also have STS based prepaid meter solution and DLMS complied energy meters.

In the field of lighting we have complete solution for street light controlling. MAC® Smart Lighting Control is an intelligent solution that consist of a intelligent light control Unit, Data Concentration Unit and our Intelligent e-control software to give you greater control and automation of your Individual lights. We also have CCMS(Centrally Controlled Monitoring System) Group Street Lighting solution offers complete feeder panel for a group of street lights.

In the field of protection we deployed protection relay and electronic MCCB for grid protection, products Comply to International Standard IEC.

In communication field we have solution for 2G/3G/4G Getways , DCU (Data concentration unit) collect data using LPRF/ RS-485 and send data to server through GPRS/Ethernet.

We develop rich user friendly mobile and web applications to enable users to visualize, monitor and control devices. We also work on IoT & Cloud enabling legacy enterprise applications.