Panel Meter


Panel Meter

MAC Solutions develop wide range of digital Panel Meter solutions, Start from ac single/three phase voltmeter , Ammeter, PF meter, Power Meter, frequency Meter to Automatic Power factor controller and ac three phase multifunction panel meter.

ac three phase multifunction panel meter is an instrument for measuring and metering electrical values for three phases LV/HV electrical network. Using 3 push buttons on the front panel and LCD display, you can program and display all the parameters and use the functions provide to carry out the following:

Standard functions for multi measurement

  • Instantaneous, average and maximum current phase wise.
  • Phase to neutral and phase to phase voltage.
  • Line frequency.
  • Real time and date.
  • Instantaneous active power, reactive power and apparent power phase wise.
  • Average and maximum active power, reactive power and apparent power.
  • Instantaneous power factor with inductive and capacitive (-) indication.
  • Total active, reactive and apparent energy.
Energy metering.
Maximum Demand in kw with real time clock.
These Meter also have relay pulse output for connection /disconnection and RS 485 port with Modbus protocol for communication with PC/ RTU.

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