Individual Street Light Controller


individual Street Light Controller

MAC® Smart Lighting Control is an intelligent solution that consist of a intelligent light control Unit, Data Concentration Unit and our Intelligent e-control software to give you greater control and automation of your Individual lights.

Our solution helps to save energy, reduce carbon emission, manage lighting network, reduce maintenance costs and promote public safety. And because your lighting can be remotely managed from your operations center or even mobile applications, you have greater control over its daily operation where and when you need it.

Smart lighting control solution features

  • Easy to install
  • User friendly web/App make easy to use
    Real-time monitoring and alarming of street lights
  • Real –Time monitor of electrical parameter like V,I,
    PF,kW,kVA of each street light
  • ON/OFF scheduling as per astronomical clock
  • Individual Light Dimming control (0 to 100%)
  • Dimming Control as per TOU
  • Configurable Up to 8 TOU
  • Pattern ON/OFF to reduce consumption
  • Self-discovery feature
  • GPS location of DCU
  • Individual light status monitoring and control:
  • Intuitive programming and scheduling of light functions
  • Analytics and reporting

Benefits to you

  • Deploys with ease and flexibility
  • Reduces energy and maintenance costs
  • Enhances public safety
  • Aids local economic development
  • Enhances customer service
  • Conserves energy and money

Benefits to the public

  • Improves public safety
  • Helps a community grow
  • Gives police access to lighting control

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